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What's the use of diving suits?

Diving was originally for underwater exploration, salvage, underwater engineering repair and other underwater activities. In recent years, diving has gradually developed into a popular underwater sport. To exercise, leisure and entertainment for the purpose of leisure sports.

However, the underwater activities are very different from the road surface, and the underwater temperature will also have a deviation. In order to prevent the rapid loss of body temperature while diving, and also protect the diving from reefs and harmful seabed animals and plants, the configuration of diving suit is one of the essential equipment.

An important point in choosing a suit is that it needs to fit to keep warm. If it doesn't fit, it can't keep cold, and it can also catch water, which affects the performance of diving.

There are three types of diving suits

1.Rush Guard

Suitable for diving, snorkeling and surfing in tropical waters, as well as sunscreen and waterproof. Similar to swimming suit, it is widely used in shallow water diving.

2. Wet diving suit

Wet diving suit is also the most commonly used and common diving suit on the market. It is made of foamed rubber, and the general thickness can be more than 1.5mm-10mm. Clothing will seep cold water, be cut off by clothing and will not seep out again. It will become hot by body heat conduction. This kind of isolation by non active bubbles can prevent the loss of body heat. The suitable wet diving suit can reduce the flow and exchange of internal and external water as much as possible. The better the isolation effect is, the better the thermal insulation effect must be.

3. Dry diving suit

Dry diving suit is more particular. Wearing dry diving suit, the body is completely isolated from water, but it can only be used after training, and it is mostly used for diving in cold ice zone. Compared with wet diving suit, it will be more expensive, and the style is relatively single.

After so much talk, I have some simple understanding. There are many ways to dive. Learn a lot to participate in diving activities.