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How terrible is the 7000 meter deep seabed? Even experienced divers are scared

With the continuous development of human science and technology and the continuous improvement of thinking, we always want to explore outer space, want to know the whole picture of the earth, and also want to know whether there are other creatures in the universe.

Of course, now people have the ability to go to heaven and earth, and in addition to exploring whether there are other life in outer space, people will also have to know more about their home.

As we all know, 71% of the earth is ocean, and the origin of human beings is also related to the ocean. Will there be other unknown civilizations deep under the sea? This also makes many people feel very curious.

Although people have made great achievements in the exploration of outer space, they can clearly see the surface of the earth through satellites, but they know little about the seabed, which can be said to be a blind area for human exploration.

And few people know what the deep sea looks like. Now, as far as human diving tools are concerned, they can only reach about 7 kilometers. So what does the deep sea look like? This also makes many people feel very curious.

In fact, it's not difficult for us to find that most of the creatures in the ocean live in shallow water. Is there any life at about 10000 meters of the sea bottom? And what kind of creatures exist on the sea floor of about 10000 meters? What does it look like?

At present, human exploration of the ocean can only reach 11034 meters, which is located in the Mariana Trench area between the Pacific plate and the Philippine Plate.

This depth is also the deepest that human beings have been able to explore so far. As for what is the deepest ocean depth in this area, it is still unknown, and human beings need to continue to explore.

If you want to have a deeper understanding of the depth of the seabed, the current level of science and technology is far from being achieved, because the sea water has pressure, and the deeper the pressure is, the stronger the pressure is, so you need some more professional diving equipment.

Generally, no sunlight can be seen at the depth of 1 km, and the bottom is dark. However, there are still many creatures in the sea, and most of them have adapted to the dark bottom.

Deep in the sea, there is a very powerful creature called sperm whale, which lives 1760 meters above sea level.

Experts have also detected giant squid 3 kilometers underwater. The squid is 20 meters long and dominates the sea at a depth of 3 kilometers.

The species of creatures in the abyss will become less and less, and the ones that can survive are generally larger, and there are also many creatures larger than giant squid.

So what kind of creatures exist at the depth of 10000 meters? If there were any living things, how big would they be? Will our legendary Leng live in this abyss?

China's "Jiaolong" has dived into the bottom of the sea 7020 meters deep, and we have never seen any marine creatures detected here. Moreover, for divers, it is very important to be able to reach the bottom of the sea more than 7000 meters, and they also deeply understand how terrible it is to reach this abyss.

This is as early as the 1990s, Japan has made a very advanced deep-sea detector, which can dive below 7 km to detect, and the equipment is also equipped with a lighting system, which can better understand the truth of the underwater world.

When the probe reaches the depth of 7 km of tsunami, all the lights will be turned on, which can bring a piece of light in the dark sea floor.

At this time, a huge monster appeared, slowly approaching the deep-sea detector. The monster stretched about 60 meters and was about 50 meters high, and was always approaching the detector.

The monster suddenly gave birth to a huge claw, tightly grasped the deep-sea detector, and opened its mouth, trying to engulf the detector.

The detector that human beings can make is also very capable and will not be broken easily. After a period of competition, the monster also chose to leave.

Seven kilometers under the sea is very terrible. If you go further three thousand miles, you will reach the abyss. What kind of creatures will exist there? So far we don't know.

I believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, people can design more advanced submarines, survey the seabed more deeply, and understand the environment of the seabed better.

However, we still don't know whether there is any other life. We believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, people can design more advanced detectors and better understand the depth of the ocean. We believe that we will have a better understanding of the mystery of the depth of the ocean in the near future.