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Can I catch seafood in open sea area with diving license?

Recently, a netizen left a message asking: if you have a diving license, can you engage in diving to catch seafood in open waters?

Yantai Marine and Fishery Development Bureau reply: Hello, now reply your question as follows: it is understood that, in order to meet the needs of marine aquaculture production, Laishan District marine development and Fishery Bureau of our city requires aquaculture operators to do well in diving protection measures within the designated breeding area at the designated time with the approval of the district fishery department, and the employees with diving certificates can provide diving protection for aquaculture The production department provides corresponding diving operation. Other diving fishing operations, especially the use of simple diving equipment such as man-made oxygen cylinders, and the operation mode of underwater fishing for razor clams and sea intestines are not within the approved types and modes of fishing operations, which belongs to unlicensed fishing and violates the provisions of Article 41 of the fisheries law. In addition, there are great safety risks and hidden dangers in diving fishing. In order to protect your personal safety, please do not use simple equipment to engage in diving fishing for razor clams and sea intestines.