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2021 Hainan International Diving Festival starts next month to create a new image of Hainan diving brand

The reporter learned from the first strategic cooperation summit of 2021 Hainan International Diving Festival recently held in Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya that 2021 Hainan International Diving festival will be fully launched in Sanya in April.

It is reported that the 2021 Hainan International Diving Festival, which will last until the summer vacation, will focus on the theme of Hainan diving promotion, resource gathering, industrial upgrading, etc., and successively carry out competitions and activities such as "thousand diving net red creation competition", "Hainan Sanya International underwater photography competition", "diving forum", "marine public welfare action", "sunset party and marine concert" and "diving exhibition" to shape Hainan diving Brand new image, promote the high quality development of Hainan tourism.

In addition, the event will focus on diving tourism market prospect, diving tourism safety control, diving and marine protection, diving tourism operation, management and promotion, diving supplies market prospect, diving creative marketing and other fields, so as to promote domestic diving industry innovation.