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Manado: the most beautiful diving spot in the world

Manado, also known as Manado, has won the title of the most beautiful diving spot in the world with its textbook Standard diving resources and glassy seawater. However, in addition to diving, Manado also has many unique scenic spots and scenery that you can't be willing to go. Every tourist who has been there can't help sighing that "there are so many beauties in the world.".

The world's best diving point: Menado is the world's top five diving agencies certified the world's best and most beautiful diving holy land, so every year it attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts to pilgrimage, not only can experience sunken ship diving, cliff diving, day and night diving and other diving modes, there are up to 72 diving points to choose from, the coverage rate of submarine coral is more than 95%, and 70% of the Pacific fish are also in this area Marine activities.

In addition to the gorgeous and charming underwater world, the reason for the research in Menado is that the annual average water temperature of Menado is 28 degrees, the marine ecology is properly protected, the original rich marine resources are preserved, and the water flow is gentle, which is especially suitable for beginners to learn.

Bunakan Marine National Park: located at the intersection of Asia and Oceania, it has a large area, less commercial development and government protection. It has rich marine resources and diverse marine ecology. The color of sea water will be enriched with depth, temperature and sunlight refraction, not only blue, green, but also purple.

There are several potential spots in the park, among which turtle wall, fault 1 and panglia coral city are recommended.

White sand beach: lihaka island near Menado is a first-class experience of uninhabited island. It has a famous white sand beach, because its sand is white, from near to far, and the sea water is from green to blue, which is fantastic.

The presence of wild dolphins in the sea area of siladen Island, coupled with little commercial development and no occupation of tourists, makes the water quality, visibility and entertainment experience of the island comparable to that of private island.

Manado has the second largest statue of Jesus in the world and the first in Asia. Different from the traditional one, Manado's statue of Jesus is like an open embrace and a leap, which means to embrace every visitor to Manado. Therefore, the whole city of Manado is as hospitable as the statue.

Wuse lake is named because it has a variety of colors. Wuse lake is a sulfur lake. Due to the sunlight, the surface of the lake will show different colors, and there will be a faint smell of sulfur by the lake.

Mahawu volcano: This is a dormant active volcano that can be climbed. You can observe the rare scenery of the crater from a short distance. The crater is 180 meters wide and 140 meters deep. Although the crater is very deep, it can't stop the curiosity of people in the world who really feel it from zero distance.

In addition to the statue of Jesus, Menado's "color house" is also a landmark building. In history, Menado was colonized by the Netherlands for a long time, so the architectural style of the house is full of the characteristics of a European town. A large slogan "welcome to Manado" is erected between the color houses, reflecting the hospitality of the local people.

Every street, every turn, every building in Manado is a landscape. Enthusiastic residents and graffiti on the wall are the unique charm of Menado. In addition to tropical customs, we can also feel the enthusiasm and optimism of people's life.