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Diving assistant, Jiaming descent MK2 diving watch

With the development of science and technology, diving is no longer a must. It is not difficult to take professional equipment and protective gear and go down to the deep sea floor. But diving does not mean that there is no danger. After all, human beings are terrestrial creatures, and there is no physiological characteristics of fish creatures. Therefore, we need to use equipment to make up for it. Diving watch is one of the intelligent instruments to assist diving.

But for many diving enthusiasts, they don't know how to choose a good diving watch. The diving watch made by Jiaming company is very good. Jiaming company was founded in 1989, it entered the market with aviation GPS navigation products, and then has products in aviation, navigation, automobile, sports and fitness markets. Since the first GPS sports watch was launched in 2003, Garmin has nearly 20 years of industry research and development experience, and has mastered the leading outdoor sports and physiological health monitoring technology. This new Jiaming descent MK2 is one of the representative works.

It has a stainless steel gold watch ring, smooth and wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and anti rust, not afraid of seawater corrosion, durable, and has a synthetic sapphire mirror, high hardness, not afraid of abrasion, lasting bright and clear, with flexible and delicate detachable replacement strap, the overall not only durable, but also has the appearance online, whether traveling, or sports monitoring, attending business and other occasions They all fit perfectly.

Surprisingly, it supports six diving modes: instrument diving, free hunting diving, recreational scuba diving, mixed gas diving and CCR. It can meet all kinds of diving needs from entry to advanced stage. At the same time, it can set up 12 gas cylinder information to support air, high oxygen and three mixed (helium nitrogen oxygen) diving types. Relying on the self-developed underwater sonar technology, the air pressure data of five cylinders can be monitored in real time, and a real-time reminder will be sent out when the gas tank pressure is too low to ensure sufficient oxygen supply. If the diving is too deep, the rising speed is too fast or the pressure is reduced or reduced during diving, the gas switch will be prompted in real time to ensure the safety of diving.

In addition to the above functions, it can also real-time monitor the data of 18 physiological indicators, and conduct in-depth analysis, real-time monitoring of physical and exercise data, adjust to the appropriate exercise intensity, so that the body is more healthy. The long-term service life, music playing, UnionPay NFC are more convenient and convenient to use, and the music is not boring.

Nowadays, more and more people like this Jiaming descent MK2 diving watch, because it is not only made by the global company Jiaming, with guaranteed quality, but also its appearance is suitable for various occasions. More importantly, it has powerful functions to meet different diving requirements and provide real-time data to ensure diving safety.