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Diving? Let's meet in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean

Today, with the rapid development of China, modern cities are becoming more and more prosperous. Urban youth are busy with your busy figure walking through the city. Under the heavy pressure, many urban white-collar workers fall in love with the way of seeking stimulation to release pressure. Some choose to parachute and shout when flying in the sky. It seems that all the burdens are released. Some people enjoy bungee jumping and jumping down No need to think, that moment was unprecedented relaxed, and some people fell in love with diving, peeping into the mysterious sea, feeling in the sea, how comfortable the whole body is.

Diving is originally a common thing. However, this is under the premise of choosing the right place and doing a good job of protection. If you choose a very dangerous place and want to challenge some impossible areas, it is not called diving. It is called exploring at the cost of life. There are always some places in the world that are mysterious and dangerous, but they can still arouse people's curiosity.

The Mariana Trench, in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean, is the deepest trench known to man on earth. The detectable depth of the Mariana Trench has reached 11034 meters, which is still due to the limited human exploration technology. No one knows how deep it is, and "unfathomable" should be the best interpretation of it.

There was a scene in a movie in which several sisters were extreme enthusiasts who had crossed the Amazon forest, climbed Mount Everest and dived in the Mariana Trench. The movie is somewhat exaggerated, but the scene of diving in the Mariana Trench is worth pondering.

The Mariana Trench is an area that human beings have not explored clearly. As far as the depth is concerned, what a terrible state the pressure of Mariana Trench is. The deeper the ocean is, the lower the temperature will be. The sun can't shine on it. The deep sea is dark and silent. Just imagine that you have already felt fear in your mind.

Diving in the Mariana Trench is quite a risky thing. For some people, no one has done it before, which means excitement. The daily conversation of thrill seekers is probably: diving? The deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. We can only silently: respect you are a hero.