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Share the wonderful extreme sports when you are young -- diving

Extreme sports is a kind of high difficulty ornamental sports mainly for young people. In the process of the integration of human and nature, with the help of modern high-tech means, we can maximize our own potential and challenge ourselves. Besides bungee jumping and rock climbing, what other extreme sports do we usually know about? Today, let's take you to understand the mystery of diving!

With the popularity of diving all over the world, it is no longer an unrealized wish to enter the underwater world, but a surprising romance. For those outside the circle, it may feel that diving is a very challenging extreme sport. In fact, diving, like yoga, is very suitable for leisure and meditation. Let's briefly introduce:

Diving is generally divided into two categories: professional diving and leisure diving. Professional diving mainly refers to diving activities conducted by experienced professional divers. Recreational diving refers to diving activities for underwater sightseeing and recreation, which are divided into snorkeling and scuba diving. (i.e. diving with gas cylinders and underwater breathing apparatus.) The diving sightseeing we usually get in touch with is leisure diving. However, the depth below 20 meters is usually the most abundant place of underwater life. If you want to enjoy the wider and more amazing underwater world, diving certificate is necessary.

PADI (international professional diving coach Association) is one of the largest diving organizations in the world and has a great influence in western countries. The first level course for obtaining a diver's license is open water diver (ow or owd), and the course after ow is called advanced open water diver (AOW or AOWD). The usual recreational diving is in this depth. If you want to become a diving instructor or go deeper, you need to take the rest of the certificate.

 Today, we mainly introduce the ow that most people will be involved in.

It's very easy to get an ow diving certificate. It usually takes only 3-4 days. The first day is to learn theoretical knowledge, and the second day is calm waters. First, we should know the structure, use, inspection and maintenance of diving equipment, assemble a complete set of equipment by ourselves, and enter the shallow water area to learn the skills required for ow diving. After practicing in the shallow water area, you will enter the deep water area. As the depth increases, you will begin to feel the pressure from the underwater, and you need to constantly balance the ear pressure during the slow diving process. In the pool, you will also simulate the unexpected situations such as oxygen depletion in the exercise, and conduct the calm water test. That is to say, the coach should make sure that your skills are in place.

The third day is still in the diving pool practice skills, as well as the previous calm water course review. You can go out to sea on the fourth day. It's so wonderful to go out to sea. At the diving point within 18 meters, review the skills learned in the diving pool before, as well as the feeling of swimming in the sea. At this time, you can see all kinds of beautiful underwater scenery. When you dive into the deep sea and peep into another new world, those creatures will no longer only appear on TV, but will actually be reflected in front of you, which is an unprecedented stimulation to the senses. At this moment, you will find that diving is not so difficult to learn, and diving is not so terrible. On the contrary, you gain full confidence and love.

It is one of the top ten diving resorts in the world. It is a diving resort not to be missed! The islands here are undeveloped. The island presents the beauty of primitive and simple nature. It has the most top sea view and the most beautiful coral group in Thailand. However, the ocean park is only open for half a year: November to April.

Mother patting Luffa island is also called malapasca island. It is named because it looks like a loofah stalk and sounds like "mother patting loofah". This is a quiet and beautiful island, with snow-white sand beach and dense palm trees. It is also the only place in the world where you can see long tailed sharks almost every day. If you are lucky, you can also see white fin reef sharks, bat fish and even bat spawning. It is a diversified diving spot and a good scuba diving resort.

Menado is the essence of bunakan diving. The park is made up of five small islands. Here you can see more than 400 kinds of corals and more than 3000 kinds of fish swimming, with the world's top cliffs. The Liguang submarine cliff area is one of the most famous diving spots in bunakan. It drops 300 meters from the gentle coral reef shelf, and the fault zone extends for 25 kilometers. The coral coverage rate is as high as 100%! The visibility of the sea water is more than 50 meters. Even if you are on a boat, you can see all kinds of corals, cliffs and fish in the sea.

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