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Why do you need a diving license? For that freedom and beauty

The earth consists of 71% of the ocean and 29% of the land. Three hundred million years ago, some marine creatures climbed onto the land and slowly evolved into a colorful modern world. But when we come to the sea, the deep memory of DNA makes us feel peaceful, just like the fetus in the womb of a mother.

You can experience diving without a diving license, but if you have one. First of all, no coach. Second, the price will be 30% - 50% cheaper. Finally, many top places like sibadan have to dive to 18 meters (ow holders) to experience the real beauty. The depth of only 12 meters (Experiencers) is obviously not enough.

Thailand's Tao Island, next to Sumei Island, is a world-class diving resort. It can even provide Chinese coaches at a low price.

Only after the theoretical study and examination can the practical operation be started. Learn to operate the equipment, make gestures, do ear pressure, clear the water in the mirror, use the standby air source, suspend, swim up, control room emergency swimming up, etc. These are not easy for beginners. The secret is to study hard at ordinary times. Don't panic when diving. Believe in your efforts and coaches.

The bottom of the sea is very quiet. Only the sound of breathing is often accompanied by it, which is far-reaching. Sometimes we can't tell the difference between the top and the bottom. We swim slowly like fish, or float with inertia. We see colorful corals, simple turtles, strange fish, actually gentle white fin sharks, sneaky squid.