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It only takes 15 minutes to walk around the island. There are diving spots everywhere

Managaha Island is the Pearl of Saipan. It is located in the lagoon, and it is an island outside the west central part of Saipan. In Chamorro, mana GAHA means pearl. In fact, from the highest point of Saipan Island, the 500 meter tall tachaikovsky looks north. The Green Castle is like a glass sea surrounded by soft white sand beach. The island is gently embraced by clear water, like a green pearl jumping out of the sea, which is unforgettable. There is also a Managaha Island among more than 500 uninhabited islets in Nagasaki Prefecture. Although there are no residents, there are many people going to travel.

When you come to Saipan, you must go to the Managaha Island to have a look. It takes only 15 minutes to walk around the beautiful but also small willful warship island. It seems that you have returned to the starting point before you reach the end. The most special part of the Managaha Island is the fine white sand beach on one side and the magnificent high cliff on the other. The cannon points and traces of the war left by the second world war made the Managaha Island unique and exuded a nostalgic atmosphere.

Managaha Island is a diving resort. If you come to the warship Island, but don't travel around the underwater world, then this trip to Saipan is absolutely regrettable. There are diving points everywhere. No matter deep diving or snorkeling, warship island can satisfy you. The most special thing here is that as long as you put your head into the sea, you can see all kinds of fish. The beauty of the sea will absolutely shock you.

The most wonderful thing about Managaha Island is to dive in the sea of five colors. Of course, you have to choose the right time to go. In the morning, the sun is shining, everything on the Managaha Island is clear, and the beautiful five color sea is formed at this time. When everything is ready, you can go deep into the sea to explore the beauty of the underwater world. The colorful tropical fish is like a guardian, encircling human beings and trying to make friends with them.

Here you can enjoy the colorful plaice, cute and moving snapper and other extremely precious fish. They are carefree to swim in the blue water, beautiful and moving.

Most of the diving spots on the Managaha Island are not very deep. No matter the "rookie" divers or senior divers, you can find a suitable diving spot here to see the wonders and beauty of the underwater world. Not only that, Managaha Islandis an island full of passion and vitality. Here, you can feel the passion in every corner of the island. When you walk in the underwater world, you can see the soft coral gently swinging in front of your eyes. In the colorful sea water, you can not only enjoy the fun of diving, but also feel the strange life. The bustling underwater world is a big family, and every corner of the Managaha Island is full of enthusiasm.

It is said that Saipan will not see the sea when he comes back. He never thought it was so strange before. Only when he has experienced the beauty of it, can he feel that this is not unreasonable. It may not be found that any island can become a five-color sea under the refraction of the sun's light. It may not be found that any island is full of diving spots. As long as you are willing to dive, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea floor anytime and anywhere. All of these are wonderful and strange, and only Managaha Island can give them. In this hot and fiery Island, have a wonderful and strange trip.