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Everyone's life will experience the most difficult time

In this life, no matter how good or lucky the fate is, there must be a very difficult time - what's more, many people's life has been full of misfortunes.
When your life is in the darkest time, you will encounter two absolute rules of life: first, the house leakage meets the continuous rain at night; second, you have only yourself, no one can rely on you, even no one can understand yourself.
Life, ups and downs, however, every "up" is to go through a lot of efforts; and every "down", just like a ball rolling down from the mountain, is unstoppable, at this time we will understand that the original life is really ups and downs What happened was the house leakage, even the rain at night. Where did it come from.
In the most difficult time of life, it must be a time to face alone.

No one likes to be lonely. Those who like to be lonely are either used to being lonely or can not be lonely at any time if they want to. When a person can grow up, it is often the most lonely time. That kind of loneliness may not be that there is no one around, but even if there are many people around, you find that no one can understand themselves, no one can talk.

People in the most difficult and helpless time, that kind of pain and suffering is bone eating heart, this is the closest to a person's collapse, but also the most vulnerable time.
In our life, we will probably go through the darkest stage of life. How to spend this time is actually a lesson of life.
Keeping yourself busy is the most effective way to fight against this time.
Perhaps when people are in this stage, their hearts are lifeless. They live like walking dead every day. Their bodies are still alive, but their mental state is like death, without any anger. No mind to do anything, accustomed to their own closed, isolated from the world.
In fact, the more we are at this time, the more we have to force ourselves to do things and keep ourselves busy. The so-called "idle people are not many", once you live in seclusion, you will only have those messy things in your mind every day - and these are actually emotions, and bad emotions, which can kill people, which can only make you more painful if you can't solve the actual problems.

What have you been doing? You can be busy with everything. The key is to do specific things and focus on it. The fundamental reason that many people do not want to do things at this stage is that they can not fight against emotions and become slaves of emotions. Their body and mind are completely controlled by emotions. Therefore, one's self-management ability is the key to help oneself out of the predicament.

I really don't know what I should do, and don't close myself up. Live a normal life as usual, go out more, and exercise properly can keep my physical and mental health.
Learning to be alone is the basic law of existence.
Human beings are actually social animals, because people are most afraid of loneliness. But when life puts you in a helpless situation, learning to be alone becomes the basic rule of living.
In this world, there are strong people and weak people. One of the fundamental differences between them is whether they can be alone with themselves. Solitude is a kind of ability, which is not born, but is often acquired through the training. Therefore, when a person is lonely and helpless, it is advisable to regard such experience as an opportunity to cultivate the ability of solitude and try to see if he can also live a good life.
The first thing you need to be alone is "interesting". It's hard for an uninteresting person to be alone, because the spiritual world will be in a state of scarcity, which will drive people crazy. The highest requirement of solitude is that one's spiritual world should be rich, so one must have interest and elegance.
One can take care of one's life and have something to do every day. Even a cup of tea and a touch of sunshine can lead a quiet time. Such a person is the one who really knows how to enjoy loneliness.
Man is an animal after all, and the basic rule of the animal world is that solitary animals must be stronger than social animals.

Only by giving yourself energy and hope can you help yourself through the most difficult time.
The darkest time in life is also the time when there is the most lack of energy and hope. At this time, we must encourage ourselves and inject new energy into our hearts. In this way, we can resist the full negative energy.

The source of energy does not come from drinking chicken soup. There must be substantial changes in one's life. Just like a man without money, it's pointless for you to say "bread will be there" to him all day long. What he needs most at this time is to have real gold and silver in his hand. In the same way, when we are in the most difficult time, we must bite our teeth and stick to it. We must work hard. Through the accumulation of concrete things that we can see and touch, we can see our actual gains and feel our substantial changes. Only then can we gradually have strength, energy, confidence and hope for our life again.

At the same time, we should learn to open ourselves up, which is what we often say. A person's life must be transparent, not tangled, not difficult for himself.
If you are not anxious and patient, you should try to solve what you can solve, and if you can't solve it, you should improve yourself to solve it. If you still can't do anything with enough efforts, you should learn to put down the burden so that you can go easily.
So, about "let go", "break away" and so on, in fact, is also a required course of life. You should learn to do ideological work for yourself, to be your own psychotherapist, to eliminate your own psychological depression, to heal your own psychological trauma. Those who can finally tell their sad past as inspirational stories to others are all good at explaining themselves, and they are all such spiritual mentors.
Therefore, in the most difficult time of life, there are three things to do in the end:
First, be busy and enrich yourself; second, learn to rely on yourself, like but not hate lonely self; third, keep positive energy at any time and hope for the future life at any time.