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The only country in the world that has no land, lives in the sea, and its body has changed!

In recent years, with the vigorous development of tourism, more and more people are willing to go out for tourism and enjoy the different scenery from our country. Meanwhile, they can relax their mood and broaden their horizons. In the process of tourism, you will also find some interesting scenic spots that are better to play, and you can meet some countries that can impress people We live in a lot of territory on the earth, and the geographical location of each country is different, which creates different folk culture and living habits.

Most of us live on land. Even when we go to the seaside, it is convenient to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the sea when we travel. Some people also specially learn to dive for this purpose, and also to see the world under the sea. However, ordinary people do not go through professional study, and when facing the sea, it is also a very dangerous thing. But today I will introduce this to you A place is very special, especially a nation with a good water quality. They live in the water for a long time.

This ethnic group is the Bayao people, a group of Malay aborigines who live in the sea area for generations. They usually depend on fishing to make a living. The tools are their own boats. So the natural environment also enables the Bayao people living here to learn to adapt to the environment and live freely in the sea. In this ethnic group Some children have good water quality since childhood.

With the continuous development of social times, they have been reluctant to go ashore to live, which makes many tourists very confused. After all, the living resources on the seashore are relatively limited, and the living environment is not very safe. It is said that the reason for this problem is that the ancestors of Bayao people are looking for the Malaysian Princess of Florida washed away in the flood, because If you can't find it, you can only live here for a long time, and then the times will multiply.

They can go to the place 30 meters under the water without any diving tools. Sometimes when tourists go there, they will find some children rowing around. Tourists will occasionally send some food or daily necessities. These children can also collect things in the water flexibly. And because they stay in the sea for a long time, their eyesight is also affected. We ordinary people must wear goggles when we go to the sea, but they can easily catch fish in the sea, so their eyes will not be blurred.

Today's introduction is here. Half of the current ethnic groups also try to return to land life. We believe that they can adapt quickly.