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"Shark proof" diving suit material developed in Australia

The University of Flinders in South Australia has recently developed a diving suit material that may protect divers from shark bites.

According to the daily mail of 19, researchers have created new materials by combining light and strong "ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene" fiber with neoprene, which is commonly used in diving suits, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

The researchers made the new material into two different types of fabrics, which were tested together with ordinary diving suit fabrics. According to project director Charlie huvenniles, the results show that the two new fabrics can provide a certain degree of protection against shark bite.

During the test, the researchers wrapped the steel plate containing the sensor with the fabric and put it into the sea for the jaws to tear; at the same time, they tried to cut, tear and penetrate the fabric in the laboratory.

Both field and laboratory tests have shown that fabrics made of new materials are more difficult to penetrate than fabrics in common use, and cuts are smaller and shallower, Mr. huvenniers said.

There are great white sharks behind the attacks and deaths of human beings. However, the risk of shark attack is still relatively low. The researchers hope to prove that the new material is strong enough to withstand the jaws of great white sharks, thus helping to reduce the risk of injury when diving.

The researchers say further tests are needed to test the effectiveness of diving suits made of new materials, as well as the physical injuries people may encounter when wearing them.