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The Australian diver was attacked by a great white shark. He chased the shark away with a fish gun, so he was scared to have nightmares every day

According to the Daily Mail on November 17, an Australian diver told the story of his "fight" with a great white shark in the sea in February this year. That time, divers and friends were diving and fishing in the waters off the west coast of Australia, when suddenly he was attacked by sharks underwater. The brave diver fought with the great white shark for several rounds with the fish gun he brought with him, and finally got out of danger and returned to the ship to pick up a life.

In February, Jack Brent, 27, and his friends fished in the waters south of Perth, Australia. Jack and his friends Aidan, Rhett and Daniel drove the boat a kilometer from the coast to find the best fishing place. Although there are a lot of fish in their chosen place, they didn't realize that the Department of Fisheries had warned a few days ago that there was a 12 meter long carcass of humpback whales that might attract sharks.

When Jack and Aidan swam about 70 meters away from the boat, they suddenly felt a torrent under them. Suddenly, Jack's legs were hit so hard that his legs hit his chest. Jack realized it was a shark. In a state of panic, Jack puts his head into the water to determine where the shark will appear. After his survival instinct was inspired, he shot the fish gun in the direction of the great white shark, forcing the great white shark to turn around and swim away.

Then Jack and his friends began to swim in the direction of the boat. About a minute later, 50 meters from the boat, the sharks returned to attack Jack. When he looked underwater again, he saw the great white shark coming towards him from the depths of darkness.

The frightened Jack began to shout for help to his friends on the ship, hoping that even if he was bitten, they would be on their way to save him. In that terrible moment, Jack put his head into the water, aimed at the shark, closed his eyes, and shot out his fish gun recklessly. "I felt a rush as I shot the spear forward," Jack said. I opened my eyes and saw the shark go underwater at the last moment. I can't believe it. I survived. "

However, the adventure is not over yet, because the shark is back, swimming straight to Jack. Even more creepy, Jack saw that the shark seemed to circle him in a counter clockwise direction, as if it had understood his strategy. So Jack shoots the fish again, and the shark escapes again. This time, the shark was so close to him that the fins came out of the water as if they were in front of him. Later, friends came in time to drag Jack back to the boat safely. Eight months later, however, Jack said he would still have nightmares about sharks.