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In order to explore the underwater world, we need to have the necessary diving equipment, but for new divers, do you know this knowledge?

Diving is a professional leisure sport. Many diving friends want to have a set of diving equipment when they study diving.

But it is for a lot of new divers is difficult. There are so many kinds of diving equipment. How to choose?

Let's start with small equipment today.

Diving mask

There are three kinds of face masks commonly used in scuba diving, which are maximum field face mask, small volume face mirror and round face mask.

The maximum field mask can also be called a full-scale mask. As the name implies, the field of vision effect will be better when it is put on. The whole mirror is composed of a whole lens, and the face will show more when taking photos in water.

Maximum field mask

Low profile mask can also be called split mask, because it is composed of two lenses. Although there are not so many faces exposed compared with the largest field of vision mask, it looks more cold underwater, and split mask can be equipped with myopia lens~

Low profile mask

Wrap around mask is the largest one among the three mirrors, with the largest field of vision and the largest style. It can almost show the whole face. However, due to its large appearance, this kind of mirror is easy to move when encountering water flow, and it is not easy to remove water, so there are not so many people who choose it.

Wrap around mask


There are two kinds of snorkels: dry top snorkel and non-dry snorkel.

Dry Top Snorkel, because of the filter design of the nozzle, avoids the entrance of gravel, and also accelerates the outflow of water, so that even if there is a small amount of water in the snorkel, it will not affect the breathing. When it needs to drain, take a breath and gently blow the water out.

Dry Snorkel

There is no filter design for non-dry snorkel. One pipe is straight down, so we can only blow out the water by ourselves to prevent choking during breathing. But because of its simple design, it can breathe much more air than a dry snorkel.

Non-dry snorkel

Wet suit

Diving wet suit is made of closed cell neoprene. Although water will enter, it has the functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and water outflow prevention. Of course, the thicker the diving suit, the better the heat insulation effect. From the thickness, the common ones are 3mm wet suit and 5mm wet suit.

The difference between the two kinds of diving suits lies in the thickness and warmth retention of the clothes. The 3mm wet diving suit is the choice of most divers, and it is very comfortable in the water at about 23 ° C. However, some children who are afraid of cold or want to play in the water with a temperature of about 18 ° C are advised to choose 5mm wet diving suit.

In terms of style, there are integrated diving suit and split diving suit.

One piece jumpsuits are the most common diving suits on the market and the choice of most divers, and there will be more styles on the market, but it will be more troublesome to wear and take off.

One piece jumpsuits

The two piece wet suits is convenient to wear and take off, and you can choose to wear them when diving, but when diving, there will be a small phenomenon that your sports clothes will move a little bit with you, and the warmth retention is not as good as the integrated one.

Two piece wet suits


Fins can be divided into set foot type and adjustable type.

The full pocket fins, commonly known as "one foot pedal", is a kind of fins that can be worn directly without feet. It's OK to wear it with diving socks. When you choose it, you will also choose it accurately according to your own size. It's very convenient when you dive. But when diving on the shore, we have to walk for a long time to get to the water. At this time, walking without shoes is inevitable. The protection of diving socks is limited, but the set fins cannot match the diving shoes. What should we do?

Full pocket fins

At this time, you need a pair of Open-Heel Adjustable fins, but because the size is not so accurate, and it has adjustable characteristics, so you need to wear it with diving boots, and you can see your own size range when you choose. But it's not so convenient compared with the flip flops.

Open heel adjustable fins


The overshoes include diving boots and socks.

The purpose of diving boots is to keep warm, protect our feet before diving and wear adjustable fins. It also has a strong and durable rubber sole. The sole is designed with a special transverse groove, which is conducive to antiskid.

Diving boots

As mentioned above, diving socks can be worn in combination with flip flop shoes. Although flip flop shoes can be worn directly, as the saying goes, "cold starts from feet", so cold babies can pike it, and it also has a certain anti scratch function.

Diving socks

In fact, in the early days of learning to dive, it's enough to buy the above small equipment as you like.
If you have any problems about diving, please let me know.