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The most fashionable diving equipment in summer! Supreme x cressi's mask + snorkel is coming!

This week's summer piece of supreme has come to an end. Based on Buju banton's cooperative summer T-shirt, supreme also brought us special items such as bialeti co branded coffee pot and mophie co branded charger this week. Soon, the trend account @ ovrnundrshp brought us a new round of special item preview. The first thing to see is a pair of cressi's diving mask + snorkel combo, one of the world's largest manufacturers of water sports equipment, which is the most fashionable diving equipment. With such a design, supreme seems to have seen everyone's eagerness to swim by the sea in the hot summer. It can even form a set with the former super soap joint water gun. If you are going to the beach for a holiday, you may as well add a new combo of supreme products to your luggage.