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Senior swimmers revealed that the difference between cloth swimming cap, silicone swimming cap and Pu swimming cap is here. The novice should not choose the wrong one

In the hot summer, we all feel like this, If we walk a few steps, we will sweat all over our body. So swimming has become the first choice for more people. As a delicate piggy boy / girl, swimming equipment must be arranged ~ when you purchase swimming equipment, do you pick out the swimsuit from left to right, and it's comfortable, beautiful and hidden meat; the swimsuit should be clear, durable and water tight, and it's better to have a concave shape. But I don't care much about the swimming cap, so I choose it.

In fact, the selection of swimming cap is also very exquisite. Do you know the material of swimming cap? What kind of swimming cap suits you best? Let's listen to the analysis of the editor. What's the difference between cloth swimming cap, silicone swimming cap and Pu swimming cap? How should novices choose? Experience sharing!

1-The cloth swimming cap is cheap, can hold water and fall off easily, has no effect of reducing water resistance, and is only suitable for water splashing and temporary use;

2-PU swimming cap has high cost performance, air permeability and tightness, but it can not reduce water resistance, so it is suitable for children to wear;

3-The silicone swimming cap is highly professional, well wrapped and comfortable, and the effect of reducing resistance is very good, which is used by professional athletes.

Of course, the most recommended one for me is the silicone swimming cap. One hat can hold all other hats. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions, no matter in professional competitions or in daily swimming. This swimming cap has a variety of styles, strong wrapping and no restriction. Novices can be assured to choose boldly when swimming.

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