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If you can swim, don't you need a snorkel when you snorkel?

Swimming and snorkeling are two different things. Snorkeling is the basic skill of free diving. People who can't swim can also play snorkeling after training. For people who can't swim, snorkeling is mainly floating, that is, floating on the water surface and watching the underwater scenery. 

So whether you can swim or not, you need to immerse your head in the water for a long time. You can watch the underwater world with your snorkel instead of breathing.

And some people will specially play free diving. If you want to play free diving, you don't need a snorkel. It's mainly to dive into the water, watch the scenery in the water or under the water, etc. free diving is basically to go up for breath after diving for a minute or two, so it doesn't matter if you don't use a snorkel. Sometimes you feel very cumbersome if you use a snorkel.