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Snorkel is one of the necessary devices for snorkeling, which allows you to stay in the water for a long time

I like sports. I also like sports when I'm free. Today I'll tell you something about diving! The structure of modern diving mask is basically composed of reinforced safety glass lens, rubber or silicone skirt that fits face shape and adjustable headband that can be fixed. It surrounds the physiological structure of human face to ensure that the eyes can observe things normally in water.

The reinforced safety glass lens has super compression resistance. After entering the 21st century, a considerable part of the lenses also adopt the technology of soft fragmentation. Once it is damaged, the resulting glass fragments will not easily become sharp shapes, but mainly oval shape which is relatively soft and not easy to damage soft tissues. Skirt is also called sealing ring. Most of the materials used have changed from rubber in the last century to silica gel with better contact feeling and sealing performance.
It is not easy to cause chemical allergy, soft and comfortable. Some diving masks are equipped with drainage openings, which is a one-way valve that can be manually adjusted under the mirror frame, which can be used to remove the water left in the mirror due to shaking off or sweat deposition under suitable conditions. The main criteria for choosing a diving mask is suitability and comfort. To measure whether a diving mask is suitable, the main inspection is its airtightness and defogging.

When underwater, the water pressure may destroy the close contact of the sealant pad with the face under normal conditions, making the water enter the space formed between the diving mask and the face from the generated gap. Therefore, the best test method is to test the pressure resistance of the diving mask in the pool or other shallow water environment. The main purpose of anti fog is to resist the fog caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mirror caused by the surface temperature under the colder environment in deep water.

This may cause problems such as unclear identification of things around us. Anti fog of lens mainly depends on the internal drug coating. It can deliberately breathe on it to see if the fog is condensed and does not disperse. If it disappears soon, it indicates that its anti fog performance is good. It is worth mentioning that many people suffering from myopia, hyperopia and other eye diseases have to take off their glasses and put on narrow closed diving masks when swimming and diving, which often brings a lot of inconvenience to underwater activities.

Therefore, a kind of swimming mask / face mask with the effect of adjusting the distance and distance of vision came into being. Some of them also have the function of adjusting the degree according to the change of the wearer's vision. However, among the types of diving masks sold on the market today, single lens, two lenses and multiple lenses all have products that can be used for degree matching, but usually only two lens models can choose to replace lenses of different degrees.

The surface of modern diving and swimming masks is usually coated with anti-wear and anti fog agent coating, so it is better not to use any corrosive and friction agents or hard tools which are easy to wear the lens except for special detergent. Generally, after use, the main cleaning method is to use clean water for flushing with little force, and put it in a dry and ventilated place for preservation.

Avoid cracking and falling off caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of the surface coating caused by direct sunlight. If you have ever dived in the sea water, it is better to soak it in warm water for a few minutes when cleaning the mirror after leaving the water to avoid the formation of corrosive salt scale, which will cause corrosion, loosening, hardening and deterioration of many components of the mirror, so it is necessary to deal with it in a timely manner.

If the conditions do not allow you to clean the mask immediately after use, it is better to put the mask in the water first to avoid evaporation of water and salt left on it, which is not conducive to thorough cleaning later. It is mainly used by water supply lung divers or non instrument divers when they are resting or swimming on the water surface, which can save the amount of air in the cylinder, and enable users to maintain the most comfortable prone posture, reduce unnecessary physical consumption caused by weight-bearing or backstroke in windy and wave environment.

Reduce the risk of maritime distress when the diver is swimming or resting on the water surface, the lower part of the normal state is towards the underwater direction, and the body assumes a natural prone posture. At this time, the breathing tube can be used to absorb air, maintain the human body's demand for oxygen, and reduce the air consumption in the cylinder. The breathing tube is a simple semi soft tube structure, one end is connected with the population, the other end is fixed on the side of the swimming mask and points upward along the forehead vertical line.

And always slightly higher than the vertical position of the head, so as long as the diver's head is above the water surface, he can normally breathe through this pipe, even if there is a certain wind and waves on the water surface, it is not easy to have water into it. This snorkel plays an important role in many times. When the water is far away from the shore or the touring ship, and the air in the cylinder is insufficient, the snorkel can help the diver to return to the shore or the ship.

Snorkel is one of the necessary devices for snorkeling. It allows you to stay in the water for a long time without coming out of the water. OK, let's share with you today! If you like me, pay attention to me!